The changes to the Singapore Work Injury Compensation Act (‘WICA’) from the WICA Bill, passed on 3 September 2019, come in effect from 1 January 2020. The changes include:

  • Sharing of previous claim information of an employee between insurers;
  • Compensation to be initially based on the current incapacity within six months of the date of the accident; assessment of any permanent incapacity now performed at a later date;
  • No requirement for employers or employees to file claim applications as a claim automatically commences once the Government of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower or insurer is notified of the accident/injury;
  • Insurers face up for $30,000 in penalties and loss of licences for failing to adhere to processing timelines;
  • Extending insurance protections to 300,000 employees as all ‘manual’ and ‘non-manual’ employees earning up to $1,600 a month must be insured;
  • Any compensation awarded is adjusted to reflect any light duties performed during the claim period;
  • Increased compensation (medical expenses, permanent incapacity, death) and financial penalty limits for breaches of the WICA; and
  • Doubling of maximum fines for second of subsequent offences.